Insulated Glazing

Crystal fluat 32 mm - Belgium. The distance between the glasses is 24 mm.

Usage of low-emissivity (CA) glass improves thermal insulation by 20% - 30% compared to the regular glass.

Extras for the insulated glazing

  • Double or tripple glazing (34mm)
  • Argon gas filling
  • Various glass colours (light and dark green, light and dark blue, bronze, etc.)
  • Gold helima
  • Bonded wooden rungs
  • Ornamental glass
  • Mirrored glass
  • Stained glass

No condensation and fogging of the windows with 10 years guaruantee.


Hollow and flexible ACF polymer, which allows perfect sealing of the entire closing.

Manufacturer "HPP" - Germany.


Double aluminum trim with thermal break. Protects the most vulnerable wood part from moisture. The water-proof strip is installed on fixed and opening windows.

Manufacturer "Gutmann" - Germany